70. Summer Holiday

Oooh Lumey, its School break time!

Another post about holidays? really? Yep, that’s what you are getting.

Last entry was about killing two birds with one stone. Having a vacation and doing my hobby at the same time.

This time it’s a little different. I want to do some time travelling.

My darling daughter #2 is currently on summer break from school. A joyful occasion for any child. My daughter spends her valuable time, by sleeping, eating, painting nails, sleeping, and watching TV.  I explain to here that there is this whole big thing called “outside” that she could go enjoy, but no. She would rather spend the day texting her friends, rather than actually hanging out with them. She has two and a half months of nothing to do and that’s what she does!

I was never like that as a child, especially the nail painting bit. I was out at all hours getting up to no good and as long as I was home before the street lights came on all was good.  Ah those glorious days that seemed to last forever. Though it was in fact only six weeks because in England kids have to go to school more days of the year. I’d have killed for two and a half months! But no I had to make do with six weeks.

And I made every second count, every day of my Summer Holiday. . .

Believe that you will believe anything. Yeah I went outside and kicked a ball about, but most of the time I stayed home and watched summer kids TV. And the shows were great. Looking back one of my favorite shows was called “Why Don’t You..” The show was made by kids, for kids and the idea was that you should switch off the TV and go do something less boring instead. A great idea that all kids should follow. Problem was if I did go do something less boring instead, then I wouldn’t have been watching “Why Don’t You..” I sat there watching how to make a swimming pool out of out railway tracks, or something like that and thought that would be cool. And then when I did go out I’d just go play knock down ginger instead of creating anything worth while.

Great theme tune too!

Now what I did love each summer break was the cartoons. I’m not talking about that rubbish Anime that my Darling Daughter #1 watches. I’m talking real cartoons, the Hanna Barbera classics.

My favorite has always been Top Cat. How can you not love a cat who is quick-witted, up to no good and always giving a poor police officer a hard time. It’s hard to believe that when I was watching that in the 70s that the last episode ever made was in 1962 and that there was only ever 30 episodes made.


Everyone of course loved Scooby Doo, but now it’s cult classic status has been ruined by two dodgy movies. Though if they are going to make a movie of a cartoon, perhaps they could do Captain Caveman. Now I wonder how many of you when you read that actually read “CAPTAIN CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVVVVVVVVVVEEEMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAN?!” or how about The Wacky Races, that would make a great movie.  I loved Dick Dastardly and always wanted him to win the races, but he never did. It’s a great thing for kids to learn, cheats never prosper.  He never even got a break in Dastardly and Muttley in their Flying Machines, even a little pigeon could best them.

Richard Briars narration made this rock!

Now the american cartoons were great, but I think our American cousins missed out on some classic British Cartoons,  Mr Ben, Henry’s Cat, Rhubarb and Custard,  Jamie and the Magic Torch, Willo the Wisp, Count Duckula. I think though in the States you did get Dangermouse, the worlds greatest secret agent.

Lets just hope they didn’t dub the voice like they do with Bob the Builder and Thomas the Tank engine!

One For All and All for one, Muskerhounds are always ready!

Thinking hard about it, the last cartoon (other than the Simpsons and Family Guy) that I actually loved was Dogtainian and the Three Muskerhounds. Since then, no cartoon has even come close. Take the Three Musketeers stories and turn the characters in to dogs! Classic.

Hope I jogged a few memories, what were your favorites?

Oh I forgot Hong Kong Phooey!

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One thought on “70. Summer Holiday

  1. Ohh! I was a child of the very late 80’s to mid 90’s so my summer shows weren’t as “classic” as some; but I vividly remember watching ‘Are you Afraid of the Dark?’ every evening.

    I didn’t really watch much television.. I was also outside all day through the summer, up to no good I’m sure. =D

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