56. The Internet.

Oh yes, it’s time for this chestnut. We all have wasted too much time on the internet haven’t we? I mean, what are you doing right now? Heres a little story about how my life got flipped upside-down, I want to tell you how I became the prince of Bel-Air. Oh wait, that wasn’t meContinue reading “56. The Internet.”

55. Sho Nuff!

When I was younger I had a bad habbit. I would watch movies over and over. I’m not talking once in a while, I would watch a movie, rewind the tape (no DVDs then) and watch it over again. The Star Wars movies were a favorite, they were always in my VCR. Then in 1985Continue reading “55. Sho Nuff!”

54. Look-In Magazine.

For you regular readers, a big HELLO, and to you newcomers, HELLO! I hope you hang around. The blog passed the 3000 hit mark this week which is a great achievement, thank you all for stopping by. Make sure you leave a comment to let me know you were here! The 1970s was a great decade.Continue reading “54. Look-In Magazine.”

53. I’m Sorry.

There are many things I am proud of in my life. I have won trophies and had many a slap on the back for being an all round nice guy. But for regular readers of my blog you will already know that I was always up to no good when I was younger. I neverContinue reading “53. I’m Sorry.”

52. Musical Interlude.

For those of you reading on the day this is posted, Happy Easter Sunday. For those of you reading any other day, happy whatever the day it is. Hope you are having a good day. I’ve mentioned some music in the past, Bands like The Big Dish, and They Might Be Giants. Now I wantContinue reading “52. Musical Interlude.”

51. Evolution

Welcome to the world as we know it. Take the time this Easter weekend to smell the daffodils and then mow them accidentals because the grass needs cutting. It may come as a bit of a shocker to some of you, but I am not a religious man. I have my opinions and if you want toContinue reading “51. Evolution”

50. Movie Night.

Before I ramble on, lets just take note of the milestone here. The 50th entry on this blog, over 2000 hits now too. I guess I must be doing something right? There are very few times when you get woken from a deep sleep and think “Cool.” There are plenty of things that you don’t wantContinue reading “50. Movie Night.”