49. The Early Worm Catches The Fish.

One of the things that I like about myself is that I know what I like. Soccer for example. What I don’t like about myself is what I don’t like! OK that sentence was a little weird. What I meant was that its important to know what you don’t like. It’s easy to know whatContinue reading “49. The Early Worm Catches The Fish.”

48. Have A Nice Day.

I am your average Englishman. I like my beer, love my football, pick faults with everything and think I have all the answers. My teeth are bad, but that’s just me. I think Americans have worse teeth than the Brits.  I love tradition, hate change, and can be grouchy at the flick of a switch.Continue reading “48. Have A Nice Day.”

47. Random Things.

I am a geek! I’m proud of that fact. I find things fascinating that others wouldn’t give two hoots about. I love trivia, interesting facts and such like. Thinking about it, if I let all the random stuff out of my brain, I would have plenty of room for actual useful stuff. Like remembering myContinue reading “47. Random Things.”

46. Burried Treasure, Ghosts and Ducks.

The weather this week in Michigan has been more than superb. As I’ve told a lot of people I believe I am solar-powered. There is nothing better than finding a sunbeam and recharging the batteries. Of course if that doesn’t work there is always coffee. When I was a youngster everyday was full of sunshine,Continue reading “46. Burried Treasure, Ghosts and Ducks.”

45. March 17th.

Today is a special day for three reasons. It’s a happy day and also a day of being a little sad and remembering some good times. Today is my sister Jackies 50th, sorry 30th-ish birthday. I used to be her younger brother, sometime in the mid nineties I became her older brother. Let me tellContinue reading “45. March 17th.”

44. Humo(u)r

I’ve always been one to tell a yarn. I love to tell tall tales. It is even better if someone actually believes what I say. Heres a personal favorite of mine that sprang to mind after I watched American Werewolf in London with the kids the other night. A smart business man was driving hisContinue reading “44. Humo(u)r”

43. Granddad Baker.

It is a glorious day here in Michigan, I went out and did some coaching today, and some steaks are going to find their way on to the BBQ shortly. I have a beer in hand, pain pills for my tooth problems close by, so all is good in the world. Quite often on daysContinue reading “43. Granddad Baker.”

42. Detroit.

Before I start I just want to point out the excellent words in the sidebar written by Anchorman Stephen Clark of WXYZ Channel 7 Detroit. Stephen is the ringleader of the #backchannel on twitter, and an all round super nice guy. Big thank you Stephen. This entry is about how I ended up here, and a fewContinue reading “42. Detroit.”

41. The Big Dish

This entry has nothing to do with food. Not too sure if I want to eat anything anyway as I just had a tooth pulled out today. No what I am going to talk about is a period of time where I came across a band that it seemed no body else had ever heardContinue reading “41. The Big Dish”

40. LIsts

Welcome to the 40th entry on my blog. Since starting this blog in November I’ve been amazed at all the feedback I’ve had, and as I type I see I have close to 1500 visits. That is fantastic, I think my last blog didn’t get that many hits in four years! So a big thankContinue reading “40. LIsts”