77. All That Jazz.

O.K. it is going to be one of those days. I just spent a couple of minutes trying to delete a full stop (period) that wouldn’t disappear. Back and forth I went with the cursor and the little bugger wouldn’t move. I slapped myself in the head when I got rid of the annoying punctuation by rubbing the dirt off the computer screen.  Genius I am not!

I am no super genius, or are I?

So where have the damn posts been? Those of you who are keen observers of such things will know that I coach soccer, and for a couple of months in the spring and a couple of months in the Fall and the odd tournament here or there I do tend to get busy. So blog entries run a little thin. Which is  a shame because I love to write and I love all the comments and love seeing my hit counter spin ever upwards like the U.S. financial debt.

One of the pictures I took and didn’t know where else to post it!

Regular readers will remember not so long ago I got my first smart phone. I love my phone, though I shouldn’t really call it a phone. I very rarely use it for talking on. I use the video chat with the folks back in England and I use it to trawl the internet, play Temple Run,  check email and such.  The apps you can get can be very handy. I enjoy using twitter, and facebook and instagram (Twitter for people who can’t read) and the app called Tunein Radio.

Tunein allows you to listen to pretty much any radio station anywhere in the world. So I love listening to BBC Five Live, Bury St.Edmunds Heart Radio, which a long time ago used to be a good radio station called Saxon Radio now its just your generic rubbish. I listen to a couple of the Detroit stations 101.1 WRIF, 97.1fm the Ticket and News Radio 950, but the station I have loved for years and have been listening to the most is BBC Radio Two.  I’ve always been a big Steve Wright fan and Simon Mayo always makes me laugh, but here’s the kicker. The show I like the most is the Alex Lester show.  Alex Lester has the graveyard shift and has done for many year. I used to listen to him when I worked night shift back in 1997 at the Sugar Beet Factory in Bury St Edmunds, so when I found Radio Two on the app I was over the moon to find that Alex was still doing a show. Whats even better is that although the show is in the middle of the night in the UK, it’s a late evening show here in the US!

Alex Lester, check him out on BBC Radio 2

Alex always plays some great music and the banter is funny and entertaining and you should all check out his show either through the Tunein app or on the BBC website.

It was Alex Lesters show where I first heard of Shawn Colvin and I’m sure over the years he turned me on to plenty of other artists.

I’m glad things never change. Within two days of re-finding Alex on the interwaves he did it again, he turned me on to a great singer and re-lit a love for a style of music that was always there, but never understood.

Caro Emeralds – A Night Like This, is awesome. A blend of 60’s big band, modern beats, and a smooth sexy voice that is like a box of chocolates, each chocolate leaving you wanting another bite. If you haven’t watch the video yet, I shall pause now so that you can go enjoy the song………….

I’m assuming you are back now after enjoying the video. If you didn’t watch it, then I assume once more that you have already heard the wonderful tones of Caro Emerald. If you didn’t watch it then shame one you and the rest of us will wait for you to leave……………

Caro Emerald

When you hear a track like that it sends something around your system that kick starts memories, senses, moments in time.  Taken from the album, Deleted Scenes From the Cutting Room Floor, A Night Like This is just one of a whole host of gorgeousness. Back It Up, That Man, Dr. Wanna Do, Stuck, Just One Dance all these tracks are ones you want to play over and over.

I plugged Caro Emeralds name into my Pandora account and it was as if I’d opened up something that had been hidden deep inside. Let me explain.

When I was a young lad Sundays were a very predictable day. We would have a superb sunday roast dinner (Mum you still do the best roast potatoes) and sandwiches and crisps and angel cake for tea in the evening followed by usually bad Sunday Evening TV which normally meant Songs of Praise and Antiques Roadshow.

state of the art sound system

Mornings were a different matter. If we hadn’t wandered off to see Granddad and Nanna then the morning would go something like this. Breakfast followed by music. There was always music on a sunday. And not just any music. It was the best music according to my Father. And now I know he was right. I grew up listening to Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong. Although I didn’t know it these singers and their songs were being buried deep into my subconscious to be awoken later. I believe I mentioned in one of my entries that one of my bucket list items is to sing in front of a Big Band and as practice when I go to a karaoke bar I always do “It Had to Be you,” the Harry Connick Jnr. Version.

Pandora started kicking up Frank, Bing, Nat and the others, but it also awoke that deep filing cabinet of memories I have that had got all dusty. Boom, there was Count Basie, Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, Percy Sledge ,Isham Jones,  The Penguins who sang Earth Angel. Then there are the songs, C’est Le Bon, Sway, I’ve Got You Under My Skin, Unforgettable, Jump In The Line…..You get the picture.  Go to Pandora and type in Caro Emerald and you will see what I mean!

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4 thoughts on “77. All That Jazz.

  1. That song “A Night Like This” has been used on a commercial here in Canada me thinks. Perhaps this past summer? I don’t know… it sounds very familiar and reminds me of makeup or leg razors…
    Anywho, it’s funny you mention how songs become buried in your deep subconscious… It’s coming to that time of year; Christmas. My mother always played The Elvis Presley Christmas Album every year, over and over. Now, it’s not Christmas unless I play it on repeat. =b

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