34. Love/Hate

A while ago I posted about my first love, now as promised is part two, Love/Hate. I want to admit something now, it’s kind of hard to talk about, but as they say if you get it out in the open, someone else can suffer along with you. Back in 1977 I tried something,  IContinue reading “34. Love/Hate”

33. Moving On Up.

I have to apologise for not posting much, my one fan noticed the lack of posts and has been complaining! The reason for the quietness is that it has been a busy time in the Baker household, we have been moving house. For the record I hate moving house. It’s not so much the havingContinue reading “33. Moving On Up.”

32. Woof!

I don’t know if any of you have read Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaimens book Good Omens? It is one of my favorite reads and a book I always go back to when I have some time to spare. Sitting and reading it I can jump in at any point and be happy, it’s likeContinue reading “32. Woof!”

31. Phone Phobia

Today I got my first Iphone. This also marks the day when I became old! I have no idea how to use it! I’m sure given a week or so I’ll have worked it out, but as of right now, I am clueless. Its got all the bells and whistles does everything that it says thatContinue reading “31. Phone Phobia”

30. Changing Faces

I’ve always hated getting older, I can’t help it, it just happens. Whats worse is I still feel like I’m twenty years old inside, though my knees would tell me otherwise. I thought as it was the start of a new year I’d look back at how I’ve changed over the years. How does thisContinue reading “30. Changing Faces”