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29. Radio Days

In previous posts I’ve mentioned my love for music and I have no doubt I will wobble on about it again in the future.  Today I would like to talk about radio and how I came within inches of actually … Continue reading

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28. Crisps.

Today I’ve had a major brain failure today and no matter what I thought of I couldn’t get going. As I posted on Twitter, I had found the cure from writers cramp. Writers block. I have to give a big thank you … Continue reading

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27. Other Blogs

I’ve written a few other blogs in the past, none as succesful as this one. was the last BIG one, very popular with a handful of people but never the big hit I wanted it to be. It was … Continue reading

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26. Merry Christmas

Welcome to this years Christmas blog entry. I want to thank everyone who has visited my corner of the internet and an even bigger thank you to everyone who left a comment.  This has been the most successful blog I have … Continue reading

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25. Manic Miner

O.K. for those of you not interested in computer games, this entry is not for you. If however you are about the same age as me, owned a 48k Spectrum, and know what the word playability means, then this is … Continue reading

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24. Work and How to Survive It.

I left school at the age of sixteen and went off to work. I could /should have stayed in school but as I had no interest in education that really wasn’t an option.  As I think I’ve said elsewhere in … Continue reading

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23. First Love

There have been three loves in my life. the first love, the love/hate and the real love.  The last one is easy, that is my Wife and Kids, without whom I am not complete (I hate you Tom Cruise.) The Third … Continue reading

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22. Music News

The following is an official press release.  All major news media can contact for interviews. As of today December 16th 2011, the rock band known as The Royal Culprits will be making no further attempts to hit the big time … Continue reading

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21. You Did What Now?

I have been wanting to post for a few days now but I started a new job so my time to blog has been cut short. I shall however make sure to post something new at least once a week. … Continue reading

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20. Wishing

  Today is my 42nd birthday. First let me apologise for not posting as much this week. I just started a new job this week so things have been a tad hectic.  Second last Saturday was the busiest day on … Continue reading

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