68. Burn Baby Burn.

Being a soccer coach comes with its downsides. One of which is having to be outside. What’s so bad about being outside? Weather is outside, that’s what! Weather is never just right. It’s too hot, too cold, too windy, too humid, too dry, too wet, too much snow, not enough snow. Blah, blah, bitch, bitch. TheContinue reading “68. Burn Baby Burn.”

67. I Dream About Movies.

They say that genius and insanity are not that different. Well this blog entry is leaning way to the left of the latter. Probably the dumbest thing I’ve done in a while and for sure a huge waste of time.  I’ve mentioned my before my passion for lists before a couple of times and now I’veContinue reading “67. I Dream About Movies.”

66. And You Think You Got It Tough.

I’m in a bad mood. I wasn’t in a bad mood, but now I am. One of my work mates who I go out of my way to help decided that when I asked him for some help that he wouldn’t return the favour. Thanks dude, way to be a team player. Then to topContinue reading “66. And You Think You Got It Tough.”

64. I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead.

Just a quick note to all the spammers that have been hitting the blog lately, I have a spam guard so not one single one of your comments is going to make it on to my blog, so knock it off. I’d like to appologize about that lack of posts lately, I have been veryContinue reading “64. I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead.”