13. Young Ones

It’s hard to really know what influenced you in life. What makes you the person that you are.  My Father was a big influence on my sence of humour and my outlook on things. After he died in 1981 I had to find other role models. The 1981 Ipswich Town team taught me that everyContinue reading “13. Young Ones”

12. Driving Nowhere

As I am starting out this latest entry I would like to point out something. When I say I wasted time on these things this does not mean that I hated wasting the time. Far from it (in most cases) in fact, I would do it all again (probably) given half the chance! Now thisContinue reading “12. Driving Nowhere”

11. Mix Tapes

If you know what a mix tape is then this article is for you. If you think you know then read on you might enjoy it. If you don’t know then you obviously missed the late 80s!  If you want a clue read this Wiki. I don’t know about you but the music from theContinue reading “11. Mix Tapes”

10. The Beano

As a parent you understand it is the little things that make your kids childhood. We’ll actually it is the little cheap things that keep your kids as quiet for the longest time and stop them bugging you for the more expensive things. Each week I would have The Beano bought for me. 6p ( 12 cents)Continue reading “10. The Beano”

9. Star Wars

A long time ago, in a continent far, far away live a small boy whose father wasn’t an evil dictator ruling the universe.  When I was young I was never caught up in hype over things, for the most part I’m still not, but in 1977 I was totally clueless to the world-wide phenomenon thatContinue reading “9. Star Wars”

8. Subbuteo Table Football

For those who remember the good old days when you could buy two fruit salad chews for a penny and wrestling was always on the TV after the football results on a Saturday, there were two options ways you could go in toys. If you were a boy, that is. You either wanted Scalextric or Subbuteo.  IContinue reading “8. Subbuteo Table Football”

7. Coffee Mugs

When I was a younger we were poor. I’m poor now, but back then it was a different kind of poor. Now-a-days if you really wanted to you could save your pennies and fly off around the world.  Back then you were lucky if you got to travel anywhere exotic, like Detroit where I live now.Continue reading “7. Coffee Mugs”

6. The Biz

Another computer game that kept me holed up in the pit that was my bedroom. The Biz by Virgin games has become a cult classic over the years.  Not just because of the gameplay but because of what came on the cassette. Written by the late great legendary Chris Sievey this game contained no less than eightContinue reading “6. The Biz”

5. Top Trumps

Kids today think they are special with their Pokemon cards,Yu-Gi-Oh cards, Mystic warlords of Ka’ah cards. What they don’t know is us grown ups were playing with those types of cards in the Seventies.  And we didn’t need some hyped up cartoon to play the game. Top Trumps could be about anything. And everybody hadContinue reading “5. Top Trumps”

4. 1979-80 Panini Football Sticker Book

The following year after I sold my soul to Ipswich Town FC a strange thing happened. I decided to buy a copy of Shoot Magazine. I was not normally a Shoot reader. I’d recently been let down by my newsagent over a missing pair of x-ray glasses that were “supposed” to be there in myContinue reading “4. 1979-80 Panini Football Sticker Book”