72. Magic, Monsters and Time

I’ve often talked about my love for the 48k Spectrum. A computer with about as much brain power as an egg timer. What the Spectrum games did have for the most part was playability.  One game company was a master at the playable game and that was Ultimate – Play The Game.  Ultimate games wereContinue reading “72. Magic, Monsters and Time”

71. Hurrumph, or How I became a Grumpy Old Git.

I don’t know why I started to think about this today, but wishing for things, or wanting things that you never get seemed to pop into my head. Theres been a lot of things I’ve wanted and never gotten. But as you get older these things get less, though more focused on certain things. LetsContinue reading “71. Hurrumph, or How I became a Grumpy Old Git.”