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82. True Story.

I want to tell you a tale, possibly a short one, but true none the less. It is about the time I played for Newcastle United. Being a lifelong Ipswich Town fan of course I would have loved to have … Continue reading

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69. Soccercation or When I’m Sixty-Four.

The world is a curious place. So many things to do, so many places to visit. And in all my forty-two years I’ve visited very little of it, which is kind of sad really. I’ve travelled, less than some, more than … Continue reading

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60. Skool Daze.

It has been a busy week out on the soccer fields so finding the time to write has been tough this week. But here we are, at it again. And I have to say it is great to have regular … Continue reading

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39. Coaching Soccer (Real Football)

I know the title of my blog is about wasting time. In the about me page I mention that it is really a look about where my life has gone. I’ve enjoyed every moment I’ve wasted. Which is why I’m … Continue reading

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1. Kevin Toms Football Manager

Once upon a time in a continent far far away. Lived a small boy who got a 48k spectrum computer and the world changed. Yes the 1k ZX81 was fantastic with its power to do nothing, but there did seek … Continue reading

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