34. Love/Hate

A while ago I posted about my first love, now as promised is part two, Love/Hate. I want to admit something now, it’s kind of hard to talk about, but as they say if you get it out in the open, someone else can suffer along with you. Back in 1977 I tried something,  IContinue reading “34. Love/Hate”

8. Subbuteo Table Football

For those who remember the good old days when you could buy two fruit salad chews for a penny and wrestling was always on the TV after the football results on a Saturday, there were two options ways you could go in toys. If you were a boy, that is. You either wanted Scalextric or Subbuteo.  IContinue reading “8. Subbuteo Table Football”

7. Coffee Mugs

When I was a younger we were poor. I’m poor now, but back then it was a different kind of poor. Now-a-days if you really wanted to you could save your pennies and fly off around the world.  Back then you were lucky if you got to travel anywhere exotic, like Detroit where I live now.Continue reading “7. Coffee Mugs”

4. 1979-80 Panini Football Sticker Book

The following year after I sold my soul to Ipswich Town FC a strange thing happened. I decided to buy a copy of Shoot Magazine. I was not normally a Shoot reader. I’d recently been let down by my newsagent over a missing pair of x-ray glasses that were “supposed” to be there in myContinue reading “4. 1979-80 Panini Football Sticker Book”

1. Kevin Toms Football Manager

Once upon a time in a continent far far away. Lived a small boy who got a 48k spectrum computer and the world changed. Yes the 1k ZX81 was fantastic with its power to do nothing, but there did seek to be something special about spending four hours to type in a game which inContinue reading “1. Kevin Toms Football Manager”