76. Splish Splash.

There comes a time in everyone’s life where you have to make the decision. Sink or swim. I’m not talking about the struggles of life, I’m talking about the day when you get thrown in a swimming pool and splash about and hope you stay on the surface. I’m not sure if it still happensContinue reading “76. Splish Splash.”

60. Skool Daze.

It has been a busy week out on the soccer fields so finding the time to write has been tough this week. But here we are, at it again. And I have to say it is great to have regular readers, it almost makes me feel like that woman from that Julia/Julie movie.  So toContinue reading “60. Skool Daze.”

53. I’m Sorry.

There are many things I am proud of in my life. I have won trophies and had many a slap on the back for being an all round nice guy. But for regular readers of my blog you will already know that I was always up to no good when I was younger. I neverContinue reading “53. I’m Sorry.”

46. Burried Treasure, Ghosts and Ducks.

The weather this week in Michigan has been more than superb. As I’ve told a lot of people I believe I am solar-powered. There is nothing better than finding a sunbeam and recharging the batteries. Of course if that doesn’t work there is always coffee. When I was a youngster everyday was full of sunshine,Continue reading “46. Burried Treasure, Ghosts and Ducks.”

42. Detroit.

Before I start I just want to point out the excellent words in the sidebar written by Anchorman Stephen Clark of WXYZ Channel 7 Detroit. Stephen is the ringleader of the #backchannel on twitter, and an all round super nice guy. Big thank you Stephen. This entry is about how I ended up here, and a fewContinue reading “42. Detroit.”

38. Human G.P.S.

I’ve only ever once had the use of a G.P.S. in my car. It was on my 2010 road trip to Florida I got the Joy of using it. Being on vacation (holiday for my Brit readers) I was in no hurry to get to my destination, even though it is a twenty hour driveContinue reading “38. Human G.P.S.”

31. Phone Phobia

Today I got my first Iphone. This also marks the day when I became old! I have no idea how to use it! I’m sure given a week or so I’ll have worked it out, but as of right now, I am clueless. Its got all the bells and whistles does everything that it says thatContinue reading “31. Phone Phobia”

22. Music News

The following is an official press release.  All major news media can contact for interviews. As of today December 16th 2011, the rock band known as The Royal Culprits will be making no further attempts to hit the big time in the music business and have decided that it is time to do something moreContinue reading “22. Music News”

12. Driving Nowhere

As I am starting out this latest entry I would like to point out something. When I say I wasted time on these things this does not mean that I hated wasting the time. Far from it (in most cases) in fact, I would do it all again (probably) given half the chance! Now thisContinue reading “12. Driving Nowhere”

10. The Beano

As a parent you understand it is the little things that make your kids childhood. We’ll actually it is the little cheap things that keep your kids as quiet for the longest time and stop them bugging you for the more expensive things. Each week I would have The Beano bought for me. 6p ( 12 cents)Continue reading “10. The Beano”