72. Magic, Monsters and Time

I’ve often talked about my love for the 48k Spectrum. A computer with about as much brain power as an egg timer. What the Spectrum games did have for the most part was playability.  One game company was a master at the playable game and that was Ultimate – Play The Game.  Ultimate games wereContinue reading “72. Magic, Monsters and Time”

60. Skool Daze.

It has been a busy week out on the soccer fields so finding the time to write has been tough this week. But here we are, at it again. And I have to say it is great to have regular readers, it almost makes me feel like that woman from that Julia/Julie movie.  So toContinue reading “60. Skool Daze.”

25. Manic Miner

O.K. for those of you not interested in computer games, this entry is not for you. If however you are about the same age as me, owned a 48k Spectrum, and know what the word playability means, then this is for you. Manic Miner.    That is it, that’s all I have to write! Oh alright,Continue reading “25. Manic Miner”