84. Con-life

[insert usual lame excuse about not posting for months here] The new life in Indiana is going well. My eldest daughter has moved down with me for the summer because Dad will pay her the most, not because she actually wants to be here. Soon the Summer will be over and she can scoot backContinue reading “84. Con-life”

74. The Tale of the Missing Glasses

Before I go on with the Tale of the Missing Glasses I would like to mention a few things. First of all, within the next few days my blog will pass the 10,000 hits mark which amazes me totally.  When I started writing it was just to grumble on about wasted youth and all theContinue reading “74. The Tale of the Missing Glasses”

63. This Blog Entry is a Waste of Time!

 As today is one of those days where the wife is out-of-town and I’ve got nothing better to do than laundry, drink beer and watch all four X-men movies I own (still need to get First Class) I thought it would be a good idea to do a totally pointless blog entry. After all thatContinue reading “63. This Blog Entry is a Waste of Time!”

61. Every Picture Tells A Story.

At the end of the last blog entry I posted a random picture just because I didn’t know where or when I would use it. I have a bunch of pics like that, so as I was busy doing what stops me from blogging all day I thought, “hang on,” why don’t I just writeContinue reading “61. Every Picture Tells A Story.”

47. Random Things.

I am a geek! I’m proud of that fact. I find things fascinating that others wouldn’t give two hoots about. I love trivia, interesting facts and such like. Thinking about it, if I let all the random stuff out of my brain, I would have plenty of room for actual useful stuff. Like remembering myContinue reading “47. Random Things.”

44. Humo(u)r

I’ve always been one to tell a yarn. I love to tell tall tales. It is even better if someone actually believes what I say. Heres a personal favorite of mine that sprang to mind after I watched American Werewolf in London with the kids the other night. A smart business man was driving hisContinue reading “44. Humo(u)r”