83. Here I Am.

Shhh. It’s all quiet here! Nothing to see, move along. OK, sorry to my regular readers for the lack of posts but things have been a little busy in the real world. Some of you may remember THIS post. Well it is happened again. As you know for the last ten years I’ve lived justContinue reading “83. Here I Am.”

82. True Story.

I want to tell you a tale, possibly a short one, but true none the less. It is about the time I played for Newcastle United. Being a lifelong Ipswich Town fan of course I would have loved to have played for them, but things never work out that way. And as Sir Bobby RobsonContinue reading “82. True Story.”

81. New Years and Paperbags

Eat, Drink and be merry my friends. tis the season to be jolly. And also the season to say to every Mayan you meet “Liar, Liar, pants on Fire.” This year has been highly unproductive and I have wasted a lot of time doing very little. I have drunk many beers, eaten many, many chickenContinue reading “81. New Years and Paperbags”

80. Detroit 2 – Pics From Above. And others.

I’ve written about Detroit before but I thought I’d share with you a few pics I took. My Mum and my Sister just come over for a visit and so we had a nose around the city. We decided to take a tour of the Renascence Center.  On the tour they tell you all the interesting factsContinue reading “80. Detroit 2 – Pics From Above. And others.”

77. All That Jazz.

O.K. it is going to be one of those days. I just spent a couple of minutes trying to delete a full stop (period) that wouldn’t disappear. Back and forth I went with the cursor and the little bugger wouldn’t move. I slapped myself in the head when I got rid of the annoying punctuationContinue reading “77. All That Jazz.”

74. The Tale of the Missing Glasses

Before I go on with the Tale of the Missing Glasses I would like to mention a few things. First of all, within the next few days my blog will pass the 10,000 hits mark which amazes me totally.  When I started writing it was just to grumble on about wasted youth and all theContinue reading “74. The Tale of the Missing Glasses”

68. Burn Baby Burn.

Being a soccer coach comes with its downsides. One of which is having to be outside. What’s so bad about being outside? Weather is outside, that’s what! Weather is never just right. It’s too hot, too cold, too windy, too humid, too dry, too wet, too much snow, not enough snow. Blah, blah, bitch, bitch. TheContinue reading “68. Burn Baby Burn.”

61. Every Picture Tells A Story.

At the end of the last blog entry I posted a random picture just because I didn’t know where or when I would use it. I have a bunch of pics like that, so as I was busy doing what stops me from blogging all day I thought, “hang on,” why don’t I just writeContinue reading “61. Every Picture Tells A Story.”

59. Music Memories

I was going to blog about cheese. In fact I had about 300 words written on cheese when I realised that for one it wasn’t very interesting and for two I was getting really hungry. So being the good hunter/gatherer that I am, I sent the wife out for chinese food. If I can manage toContinue reading “59. Music Memories”

58. We Will Do Our Best.

Growing up my family was heavily into the Scouting movement. Everyone in the family had been either a Scout, Cub Scout or a girl guide. And after all these years I still have one thing that always makes me think. I often wonder if Baden Powell, the founder of the Scouts could have come up withContinue reading “58. We Will Do Our Best.”