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77. All That Jazz.

O.K. it is going to be one of those days. I just spent a couple of minutes trying to delete a full stop (period) that wouldn’t disappear. Back and forth I went with the cursor and the little bugger wouldn’t … Continue reading

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72. Magic, Monsters and Time

I’ve often talked about my love for the 48k Spectrum. A computer with about as much brain power as an egg timer. What the Spectrum games did have for the most part was playability.  One game company was a master … Continue reading

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56. The Internet.

Oh yes, it’s time for this chestnut. We all have wasted too much time on the internet haven’t we? I mean, what are you doing right now? Heres a little story about how my life got flipped upside-down, I want … Continue reading

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51. Evolution

Welcome to the world as we know it. Take the time this Easter weekend to smell the daffodils and then mow them accidentals because the grass needs cutting. It may come as a bit of a shocker to some of you, but … Continue reading

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27. Other Blogs

I’ve written a few other blogs in the past, none as succesful as this one. was the last BIG one, very popular with a handful of people but never the big hit I wanted it to be. It was … Continue reading

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25. Manic Miner

O.K. for those of you not interested in computer games, this entry is not for you. If however you are about the same age as me, owned a 48k Spectrum, and know what the word playability means, then this is … Continue reading

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6. The Biz

Another computer game that kept me holed up in the pit that was my bedroom. The Biz by Virgin games has become a cult classic over the years.  Not just because of the gameplay but because of what came on … Continue reading

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1. Kevin Toms Football Manager

Once upon a time in a continent far far away. Lived a small boy who got a 48k spectrum computer and the world changed. Yes the 1k ZX81 was fantastic with its power to do nothing, but there did seek … Continue reading

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