81. New Years and Paperbags

Eat, Drink and be merry my friends. tis the season to be jolly. And also the season to say to every Mayan you meet “Liar, Liar, pants on Fire.” This year has been highly unproductive and I have wasted a lot of time doing very little. I have drunk many beers, eaten many, many chickenContinue reading “81. New Years and Paperbags”

79. American-English

A year ago I started this blog with no expectations. I just wanted to write about nothing and make people laugh at some silly stuff. I’ve been amazed how well it has been received and love all the great comments. I’ve read back over the first couple of posts I made a few years agoContinue reading “79. American-English”

64. I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead.

Just a quick note to all the spammers that have been hitting the blog lately, I have a spam guard so not one single one of your comments is going to make it on to my blog, so knock it off. I’d like to appologize about that lack of posts lately, I have been veryContinue reading “64. I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead.”

63. This Blog Entry is a Waste of Time!

 As today is one of those days where the wife is out-of-town and I’ve got nothing better to do than laundry, drink beer and watch all four X-men movies I own (still need to get First Class) I thought it would be a good idea to do a totally pointless blog entry. After all thatContinue reading “63. This Blog Entry is a Waste of Time!”

47. Random Things.

I am a geek! I’m proud of that fact. I find things fascinating that others wouldn’t give two hoots about. I love trivia, interesting facts and such like. Thinking about it, if I let all the random stuff out of my brain, I would have plenty of room for actual useful stuff. Like remembering myContinue reading “47. Random Things.”

44. Humo(u)r

I’ve always been one to tell a yarn. I love to tell tall tales. It is even better if someone actually believes what I say. Heres a personal favorite of mine that sprang to mind after I watched American Werewolf in London with the kids the other night. A smart business man was driving hisContinue reading “44. Humo(u)r”

40. LIsts

Welcome to the 40th entry on my blog. Since starting this blog in November I’ve been amazed at all the feedback I’ve had, and as I type I see I have close to 1500 visits. That is fantastic, I think my last blog didn’t get that many hits in four years! So a big thankContinue reading “40. LIsts”

35. Dave the Cardboard Box

I want to start this entry by saying the word Superbowl. I’m not going to blog about it, I just think that having the word somewhere on my blog will get a few more hits from search engines. With that shameless effort to boost ratings out-of-the-way on to this entry. Dave the Cardboard box? Why thatContinue reading “35. Dave the Cardboard Box”

33. Moving On Up.

I have to apologise for not posting much, my one fan noticed the lack of posts and has been complaining! The reason for the quietness is that it has been a busy time in the Baker household, we have been moving house. For the record I hate moving house. It’s not so much the havingContinue reading “33. Moving On Up.”

30. Changing Faces

I’ve always hated getting older, I can’t help it, it just happens. Whats worse is I still feel like I’m twenty years old inside, though my knees would tell me otherwise. I thought as it was the start of a new year I’d look back at how I’ve changed over the years. How does thisContinue reading “30. Changing Faces”