About Me

Hello and welcome to this blog.

Firstly, if you are reading this then you are wasting your time. Secondly, enjoy your time here, it may jog some memories, and if not, it may give you a giggle at my expense.

For many years I have striven to be the best that I can be, only to be thwarted by everyday objects. Such as computer games, books, movies, the occasional football game.

In this blog I intend to look back and see where exactly my life went. And perhaps use these pages as a warning to my kids not to sit around!

Please leave me a comment or two to let me know you were here

also now you can read my blog called Eating Out On Hall Road.

You can follow me on twitter @davebakersoccer

11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. David,
    You are amazing! I know nothing about twitter..not much about facebook.
    Your “blogs” are awesome. I could never remember to much of my childhood. Can’t even remember too much of my previous marriages..Guess I’ve chosen to block a lot out of my life. I can remember a few things but for the most part not much.

  2. Brilliant blog David – came here by accident from ‘The Biz’ game linked from Frank Sidebottom on Wikipedia. A small world though, I live in Ipswich so it made your ‘time wasting’ and childhood memories all the more engaging. Looking forward to more superb and tought invoking posts (no pressure mind) maybe you should be a journo, All the best, Bob

  3. Thanks Bob, yeah I posted that link on the Wiki page as it was totally missing from the Frank Sidebotttom/ Chris Seivey Entry. It gets me a bit of traffic 🙂 Glad you enjoy reading the blog, and if anyone wants to pay me to be a Journo then I’d love to be able to sit and write all day. Come back soon, Dave

  4. I’m told British people speak English just as we do. But I find the British use all kinds of words I’ve never heard of, many of them sound made up. And even familiar words are often spelled differently. The British apparently have a fondness for the letter “U” in places it simply doesn’t belong.
    Fortunately we have Dave Baker’s blog to clear a lot of this up. Or maybe he’s contributing to the decline of the American language. Whatever the case I have found “Things I Wasted Too Much Time On” time well-wasted.
    Carry on Dave with your “labour of love”.
    There! See what I mean?

  5. Thank you for granting me my first “like” on my new blog. And what are the chances of being liked by the author of a blog that’s actually interesting to you? Keep up the good work, I’ll be back!

  6. Really interesting to read about Sci Fi cons in the UK… Checking out Robert Rankin next time I get a chance although honestly, I haven’t even cracked some of the books I got for Xmas because school’s been so demanding and I always want to play video games rather than read.

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