66. And You Think You Got It Tough.


I’m in a bad mood. I wasn’t in a bad mood, but now I am. One of my work mates who I go out of my way to help decided that when I asked him for some help that he wouldn’t return the favour. Thanks dude, way to be a team player. Then to top it off I got home to a funny smell. One of those smells when you walk in the door and you instantly know what happened.

Murray the Great Dane had exploded!

In the kitchen.

Blocking me from access to my beer.

Of course my dog hadn’t really exploded, But his Butt did. The worse case of diarrhea I have seen since my eldest daughters encounter with a dodgy chinese meal.  My kids were both home, so of course neither was smart enough to let him out, so I was left to clear up the after effects. So with peg on nose, rubber gloves on hands and a song in my heart I cleaned up Lake Sm-Erie!

So like I said I was in a good mood. But I’m sure it will take me a while to finish this post and I have to go coaching later so when I get home from that I’ll be back to my normal happy self. So I better make the most of this mood.


For those who have somehow forgotten or just haven’t been paying attention, or are new or just don’t care, I am English. NOT BRITISH. Yes technically I’m British, but I prefer to be classed as English. Britain includes Northern Ireland and I don’t want to be associated with those ragamuffins. You Southern Irish, you are fine. I have some very good friends in the south, But you are not part of the U.K. So you don’t count.

For anyone under the age of, for argument’s sake lets say 18, which happens to be the age of my eldest daughter this blog entry is aimed at you. And as I write I realise that somewhere my Mother is laughing and thinking, what comes around goes around. But you crazy kids don’t realise how good you have it these days.

What got me to thinking about this was today when I was picking up daughter number two from her school and saw this.

Tax payers money at work.

My daughter doesn’t ride the bus, we have her in school of choice so we have to drive her everywhere. But I looked at all these busses and got back to thinking about my high school days. County Upper had about 1200 children attending in those days, about 1000 now according to wiki. And for all those kids we had two school busses, and they were for the kids who lived outside the town. Anyone else had to walk it. Rain, snow, rain, rain, you get the picture. All these kids jumping on busses here, getting dropped off at home. I’d have loved that.

A bike!

I had to ride my trusty five speed racing bike the 1.4 miles from my house to school. Going to school was fine. Not that I actually did much studying while I was there. But the bike ride was fine. Early morning, crisp Suffolk air in my lungs, bag with my hardly used schoolbooks slung over my shoulders. Peddling without a care in the world. That would be because the ride to school was all downhill. I’m not talking your Michigan almost flat down hills. I’m talking your big, freewheeling at 200 miles an hour down hills. Zooming as fast as you can head tucked down by the handlebars for aerodynamics because I knew one day I would beat a land speed record. There would be plenty of us Westley Estate kids walking, riding bikes etc. It was a regular march of the penguins played out by a group of 12-16 years olds. And I loved every second.

Beetons Way Hill.

Going home on the other hand was a nightmare. Tired from a long day of counting train cars during math class and getting stomped on during rugby or field hockey, I then had the long trek home. The ride seemed to take twice as long as the morning run. The main problem was Beetons Way hill. Great in the morning, hell in the evening. according to walkanomics.com the hill has a grade of 5%.  Which sounds about right, but it felt a lot steeper and being a young kid it certainly gave me a work out. And I’m sure from all the moaning and groaning that everyone else loved it as much as I did. Too my knowledge only one kid died, and I wish I was joking about that. But I’m also sure that if there was a school bus ride I’d have taken it in a heart beat.  Kids over here are spoiled. Make them walk! it would certainly give them something real to moan about, rather than there’s no snacks to eat.


How lucky are these kids? Not only to they get taken door to door but when they get home, the dishwasher has already done their job for them, so they settle down to play computer games and what do the get (left) fantastic graphics, what did I get (right) Manic Miner 8 bit graphics. Spoiled I tells ya. But all those fancy graphics never make up for manic miners playability!

OK I have no idea where I was going with that tangent. So I’ll just say, kids keep off my damn lawn, show your elders some respect!



Published by David

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8 thoughts on “66. And You Think You Got It Tough.

  1. LOL!
    The workmate thing sure peeved me off too! Although, it was my husbands workmate who said he’d take his shift, and then didn’t. So we couldn’t go to the UFC event I had won tickets to…. =/

    SAnd sorry about the Murray mess… that just sucks dude. That smell tends to linger…

    I used to walk to school… I just Google mapped the distance (cause I’m cool like that) and it was only 2.9km (1.8 miles). I was actually classed as being a bus student and the bus came to our little subdivision to pick all the neighbourhood kids up. Since the bus would then proceed into the country to pick up all those lonely country kids, it would arrive at school the same time or later than I would walking! So the choice was to either sit on a bus for 45 minutes or walk 35 minutes to school. I chose the latter about 98% of the time.

    Kids today are lazy!

    1. 🙂 thanks for the comment. Linger isn’t the word, I was at work, and could still smell that…….
      I hate cleaning it up too. it makes me want to gag. I seriously put a peg on my nose!

  2. Wow– you did have a few tangents here. 🙂 Work, beer, poop, British vs English, kids these days. I do love potty humor, so I liked the Lake Sm-Erie. Eww!

    Also, I did not know about the British thing. Just curious, is that a common sentiment? Would you classify being British in the same category as being a ginger? I hear that’s a pretty big deal over there. Also, does it matter if you call it England, Great Britain, or the UK?

    1. Yeah, I did flop all over the place. I was mad though and writing when mad can be erratic!

      Now the British Vrs English thing really comes down to one thing. Where you are standing!
      It matters if you call England, Great Britain or United Kingdom because it isn’t either of the latter. England is a part of Great Britain. Great Britain isn’t a part of England. And as for the United Kingdom, that is the same as Great Britain. Now Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England all make up Great Britain. And when it comes to soccer each nation has its own identity. But then the Scotish have this saying. When an English sports star does well at anything they are English. When a Scotish sports star does well he instantly becomes British!

  3. Was doing a google search on Beetons Way – small world! Number of times I went a*rse over t*t walking down Beetons Way during the winter – this was early eighties though, before they invented grit 🙂 And I remember counting the Weetabix lorries during maths lessons (room 14 at County?).

    Funny really, how you get old but dont really notice – I often show my eleven year clips on youtube of the games I used to play (C64 for the win), you’d think I was showing him a wooden spinning top.

    Ah well!

    1. Thanks for the comment Andrew, the 200th one on this blog, so congrats!
      Any relation to Malcolm Manning? I went to county with him.
      Room 14 I think it was. When the sun beat through the window in the afternoon all I wanted to do was sleep!

      And although I loved the 48k Spectrum, I had a C64 too and I need to write some crap about that!

      My kids though love retro gaming. Once I explained that its not about the graphics, its about playability!

      Come back again soon!

  4. I’m one of those lazy Americans who took a bus to and from school. But that’s because I didn’t have a bike, and it would have taken me over an hour to walk to school. Of course, with all the stops it had to make sometime the bus took an hour to get me home… 🙂

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