61. Every Picture Tells A Story.

At the end of the last blog entry I posted a random picture just because I didn’t know where or when I would use it. I have a bunch of pics like that, so as I was busy doing what stops me from blogging all day I thought, “hang on,” why don’t I just write a piece about the photos, “duh!”

Sometimes I really am a genius…..not!


1) The Hunt. Up first for dissection is this picture from way back in 1970/1 ish. I was at my Granddad’s house and was out being “Vewwy, vewwy quiet. I was hunting wabbits.”  Well one wabbit!  He was Granddad’s pet at the time and he was loose in the veggie garden. I don’t remember the great wabbit hunt, or if it even happened at all? I know I was small back then and whatever those veggies were, they were vewy tall. If I’d have been any smaller I’d have probably ended up down a wabbit hole and ended up in Wonderland!  I do have several pics in this series and there is a wabbit in wun of vem!  Uh Oh, I cawt Elmer Fudd talk. I need to tawk abwout somefing ewse qwick befwore it. sticks. Damn you Looney Toons!


2) Dress up. All kids like to play dress up right? I didn’t, I’m sure I didn’t. O.K. maybe I enjoyed it a little. My sister Jackie was always dressing up, it’s what little girls do. And she wasnt satisfied with dressing up her Barbie dolls, or the English version Sindy dolls. Oh no, I would have to run for cover or I would become a living doll. Being only wittle (damn you Elmer) I could never get away. I would be stuffed into various outfits, and forced into posing for photographs! And then waiting the 28 days for the film to be developed and then being taunted with the picture for the rest of my life. So here I post the picture, as some kind of therapy! I’m looking down at Candy the dog in this picture, probably thinking, “You’re next bucko!”

Half Man Half Lake.

3) I hate Fish. I may have mentioned that somewhere else on my blog. I really do. I would rather be attacked by snakes. But sometimes there’s just no choice but to get close to the buggers. Swimming in Beaver Lake in “up north” Michigan for instance. When the water is nice and warm it is wonderful to splash about. Boats on the other hand hate fish more than I do. Every time the propellers hit one the fish loses the battle. Now knowing that I hate fish, my wife has designated me picker-uper-of-dead-things. All the mice, gerbils, hamsters, wabbits, that snuffed it. I’m the poor sucker who picks them up. Well guess what this pic shows. Me scooping up a dead fish! Well half of a dead fish!

You’ll go Blind Kid.

4) Television, The Drug of The Nation. It may be the title to pic 4, but it’s also a song title by the group Disposable Heros of Hypocrisy. Now with that out the way, lets talk about this pic. Why take a photo of a kid watching TV? Because it is not just TV! Oh no, its history folks in the making. I can tell you that this picture was taken on Feb 18th 1977. On the TV was an aeroplane (If you’re thinking Concorde.. Wrong) It was what this plane was carrying. On it’s back was the Space Shuttle Enterprise on its maiden test flight. Cool Huh!

I’m on a horse.

5) Seaside Fun. The seventies and probably prior to that were a great age. It was an age if you wanted to do something you could and there was no-one or no organisation or authority waggling a finger at you saying you couldn’t do it. Bloody do-gooders!

These would be the same people who tell you that Bacon, squishy cream cakes and beer are bad for you. Pfft. 

These are probably the same people who tell you that you can’t ride a horse on the beach anymore. Come on folks this is an English beach, you really think anyone is sunbathing or swimming. I’m wearing a heavy coat on a summer’s day! Good old days.

To finish some pictures with some goofy captions that I couldn’t think of anything to write a bit about!

Cars and Girls

Action Man

Proof that I do know how to use an iron!

OK so maybe I do like dressing up

me third left, part of the crazy granny gang

The line for the toilet was really slow this day!

I don’t party as much as I like, but boy! when I party!

About davebakersoccer

I am a person who has always had too much time on their hands, and instead of creating a masterpiece or taking on the world, I have spent my time on nothing important at all.
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2 Responses to 61. Every Picture Tells A Story.

  1. Genie says:

    This post was a lot of fun. Thanks for the laughs!

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