59. Music Memories

I was going to blog about cheese. In fact I had about 300 words written on cheese when I realised that for one it wasn’t very interesting and for two I was getting really hungry. So being the good hunter/gatherer that I am, I sent the wife out for chinese food.

If I can manage to complete this entry before I die of hunger it is going to be about music (again? yes again.)

This time it is about the memories music leaves with you. Where you were when you first heard a song, what you were doing when you heard a song. Good feelings, bad feelings.

1) Glen Medeiros – Nothings Gonna Change My Love For You.

Cheesyest Cheese

A cheesy song (to carry on a defunct theme) and one hated by a lot of people. But not by me. I actually like a sappy song. And you can’t get a lot more sappy than this song. The summer of 1988 I went of vacation with my parents to Wales. We camped at some place I don’t remember and I probably couldn’t spell it if I could. I was big in to Jean-Michel Jarre at the time and later that year I would go to see him perform at Docklands in London. Why the digression, well there’s something about having that music blasting in your headphones while driving through the Snowdonian Mountain range. So Wales, music, you get the picture. What about Glen? Well the first time I heard that song we had were visiting a place in North Wales. We had visited the main tourist attraction which was the railway station then visited a couple of stores. It was a long drive for an experience that was kind of meh! But it is cool to say that I’ve been to Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.  And in the car park of a store that sold tweed I first heard Glen!

2) Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Come On Eileen

Too Ra Loo Ra Yay

There are a few of you reading this who are two young to remember vynal records. But I still love vynal records even though I don’t own any anymore.  For those who remember these days then you will understand. I’m choosing this song because I remember it  clearly for some reason. The year was 1982 and the twelve-year-old me was off into town on my own. I did this every other week when I’d saved enough pocket-money for a record and the bus ride. One thing I don’t remember about that day is where I baught the record. It would have probably been Woolworth’s or Boots but that is not important. What seems to be embedded in my brain is the bus ride home. Taking the record out of the carrier bag I sat there and studied the art work on the sleeve. As record covers go, it wasn’t anything spectacular but I think this day I actually realised how much goes into making a seven-inch single. Pulling the record out of the sleeve I studied the perfect unplayed unscratched surface. Then there is something that you get with a brand new record. The smell. That whiff of “new” is still magical. And sometimes you still get a whiff of something similar and like a time travelling machine you get taken back instantly to that time and place. Come On Eileen is always a party classic, but if I want to take a trip to 1982 I’ll give it a listen.

3) Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive

Disco baby!

I have long stated that I have never found anyone who does not like this song. And if I ever find someone who says they don’t like it, I’ll assume they are lying just to annoy me!

Where I heard this song first was at a fun fair, the lights were bright and the noise and screams from people were deafening and captivating at the same time. Theres something else that happened this day, but I already blogged about it on March 17th.


4) Madness – Our House

My knees don’t like bouncing any more, this makes me sad.

Madness, madness, they call it madness. You have to love Madness! Their nutty sound, their crazy antics really appealed to a young impressionable youth.  Bouncing around to Madness has always been fun, and just to prove it in 2000 I broke my foot while dancing to Baggy Trousers. (I’ll have to blog about those days soon)

On this particular day I was being a typical kid. I was home alone and had Our House blaring out of the speakers. Full of energy I was bouncing off the walls and jumping up and down on the couch. I played the song over and over, bouncing higher and higher until my Mother walked in and caught me. I didn’t hear her come in because the music was too loud (If it’s too loud, you’re too old right?)

Of course I was in trouble. The couch was fairly new and jumping up and down on it was obviously not the thing to be caught doing. This is where my Mother said, “When you’re older I’m going to come to your house and jump up and down on your couch.”

When she came out to the States in 2002 I pointed at my couch and said “there you go, have at it.”

She didn’t take me up on the offer!

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I am a person who has always had too much time on their hands, and instead of creating a masterpiece or taking on the world, I have spent my time on nothing important at all.
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6 Responses to 59. Music Memories

  1. pennypup says:

    I remember vinyl. Cassettes were the thing for my childhood, but both my mom and Grandmother seems to love vinyl. Both had vinyl Christmas albums galore, which would be pulled out of storage on the 1st of December. That is, my mom did until my Dad finally bought her the Holiday Elvis casette. (I now have the CD LOL)

    I don’t really remember the time I first heard these songs; although I remember my love for Come on Eileen and my detest for Our House. I just didn’t get the “Our house, in the middle of our street. Our house […]” It didn’t make sense to sing about a house in my childhood mind.

    Now, Come on Eileen… well that makes total sense! LMAO!

    • Oh the christmas albums! I shall have to save that one in mind for a december blog! I have a lot to say about christmas music!
      Our House was great, all about kids being kids and mom trying to cope. Just how I remember growing up.

  2. batty says:

    Hi mate great blog again. Remember the times we went to London and Cambridge to buy music, used to spend a fortune. Still have all my vinal albums boxed and labled with an index also ( sad). Jean Michel jarre was a great day out also think I may have some pictures of that day somewhere .

    • Yeah I remember all those records. The chicago house music that I baught for the most part was instantly forgetable.
      The Jarre concert was great, and I’m glad we went on the saturday because it rained on the sunday night. I remember that when we got back to bury we walked home and I needed to pee, so I ducked up Skinner street to do what nature needed me to do, only to be interuppted by a policeman. I got lucky and didn’t get a ticket, I did however get laughed at.

  3. hunt8831 says:

    I cannot relate to the songs (one of the “too young” readers you refer too), but I can relate to loving the songs and having my mom yell at me for standing on furniture and jamming. Also, you successfully made me want more food.

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