57. Bliss.


May third of 2012 is a special day in my household. Ten Years ago  my Wife and I got married. In the glamorous settings of Port Huron Court House we said the “I do’s” and then went off for a meal at Applebees to celebrate.  Yes it was a plain and simple event. All of my family were in England so we just had a quiet day with some friends and a Judge who rather than marrying people would probably have been trying vicious criminals. If only he’d known what a desperado I was. After all I left England without paying my T.V. Licence!

So how can I celebrate Ten years of being with the only person crazy enough to marry me? What can I write in blog form that will sum up the great times we’ve had and all the times we are going to have.

I think I should just note a few things I’ve learned about being married.

1) Being married means that you only carry a wallet for identification purposes.

2) apparently “yes dear,” is not an appropriate answer when the Wife is yelling at you.

3) You will get moaned at for not helping around the house

4) You will get moaned at for helping out around the house, but doing it wrong.

5) When emptying the trash, apparently replacing the trash bag is my job.

6) I will be asked to do something the second I sit down.

7) Leaving the toilet seat up is a bad thing, even though I maintain with three women in the house that it’s their fault for leaving the seat down.

8) Flinching a lot while she is driving, or closing my eyes and waiting for the crash doesn’t please her.

9) When putting dishes away there is a certain way they go, but I still haven’t worked it out. I think there is a secret code.

10) The worst thing to ask her when she gets home is “whats for dinner.”

11) Or can you fix my computer.

12) She gets frustrated when she can’t find things and more frustrated when I find the item in 2 seconds flat.

13) She wonders why I don’t watch chick flicks, but just because I like Devil Wears Prada she gives me a hard time.

14) Its OK if all my clothes get thrown in the washing machine, but her clothes get ruined if that happens.

I like cookies!

You know I love my wife lots, she is one hell of a person. She has a great sense of humour so if she ever reads this I’m good. Though if not our couch is pretty comfortable. We laugh about pretty much everything, its how we get through the rough times. Being able to laugh I think is the key to a strong marriage. Having a lot in common helps too. We both love soccer. She likes to cook, I like to eat what she cooks. Just to name a couple there.

So happy anniversary darling Wifey. Heres to ten more years.

Published by David

Guide, Traveller, Mentor, Writer, Depression Free!

17 thoughts on “57. Bliss.

  1. Dear Mr. Baker,
    I represent the United Kingdom TV License Authority. Please contact us at your earliest convenience.
    Mr. KeNN

    PS: Happy Anniversary.

    1. Actually I was tried in court for non payment of the TV license two years after I left the UK. I don’t think they will be throwing up any road blocks for me!

      I do have a good excuse though. I was supposed to pay two weeks before I left the UK, so I thought it didn’t matter!

  2. Due to the whole “For better or worse” clause in my wedding contract, I must watch my comments at this time. Great post and happy anniversary to you both!

  3. Happy anniversary Dave!! AND, might I add, the humor you clearly bring into your relationship is one heck of a gift. Why live life (and especially married life!) if you can’t laugh at it together? Thanks for sharing – looking forward to hearing about more of your endeavors and funny marriage stories!

    1. Thanks for the comment. I don’t know if I dare write any more about my wife…..LOL oh OK of course I will! LIfe is all about having a smile on your face. When you smile you know that anything is possible!

  4. That sounds a lot like my parents!! BUT, I can help you with #11. ( Or can you fix my computer.) I’ve got this. Congrats on 10 years thought.

    1. there was a time where I could fix my own damn computer, I used to be good at it, but the wife being an IT expert kind of dented my moral. At least I can fix her soccer team when It’s broken!

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