55. Sho Nuff!

When I was younger I had a bad habbit. I would watch movies over and over. I’m not talking once in a while, I would watch a movie, rewind the tape (no DVDs then) and watch it over again. The Star Wars movies were a favorite, they were always in my VCR.

Then in 1985 a movie would come out that would be stuck in the video machine for years, Until I bought the DVD that is.  The movie in question is the classic The Last Dragon.

Last Dragon (Tri-Star pictures)

From the mind of Berry Gordy came this genius of a movie.  It has everything that a classic should have, A vulnerable hero, a hot leading lady, a bad ass villain, another villain who is not so bad ass, Kung fu, Pizza, chinese guys who think they are black, black guys who think they are chinese and a great sound-track to go with it!

Timak plays Leroy Green or as he is known in the movie Bruce Leroy a dedicated martial arts student who seeks only enlightenment. His world gets thrown upside down when his master decides not to teach him anymore. This leads him to an encounter with Laura Childs (Vanity) who is being threatened by a local thug.

Last Dragon (tri-star pictures)

So it’s your basic boy meets girl, boy beats villain, boy gets girl movie.  Now add all the comedy and sillyness of an 80s action flick.

So what makes it a movie watching time and time again.  It’s Leroy’s enemy of course, the one, the only, the most prettiest lo-down mo-fo in the whole of Harlem.  Sho Nuff. The Shogun of Harlem.

Last Dragon (tri star pictures)

Sho Nuff, or Mr Nuff as Eddie Arcadian calls him, is everything a bad guy should be. Stylish, Mean, arrogant and almost unbeatable. And he wont stop until he has beaten Leroy one on one to become the ultimate kung fu master.

Back in the day you could tell if people had seen the movie. You would ask them a question and the reply would be “Sho Nuff!”

Last Dragon (tri Star pictures)

The soundtrack is pure 80s, with El DeBarge’s Rhythm of the Night and Charlene’s Fire, playing a big part, but there is also all the Berry Gordy music. Theres some great tunes that thump along to all the action.  If you haven’t seen this movie, go watch it, buy it, or find a friend who has it, then come back and tell me how great the movie is! If you have seen it already, tell me I’m right! Sho Nuff!

Last Dragon (Tri-Star Pictures)

And if you are not sold there is even a young William Macy in one of his first film roles!





Last Dragon (Tri-Star Pictures)

And if that doesn’t have you rushing off to the store, there’s always a woman with headlights on her boobs!


About davebakersoccer

I am a person who has always had too much time on their hands, and instead of creating a masterpiece or taking on the world, I have spent my time on nothing important at all.
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3 Responses to 55. Sho Nuff!

  1. Kenn (Double N) says:

    I knew a drag queen who used to have headlights on her boobs… Sho Nuff did!

  2. pennypup says:

    LOL! I’ve actually never seen, nor heard of this film. I will certainly keep my eyes open for it in the $5 bin at Walmart!

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