52. Musical Interlude.

For those of you reading on the day this is posted, Happy Easter Sunday. For those of you reading any other day, happy whatever the day it is. Hope you are having a good day.

I’ve mentioned some music in the past, Bands like The Big Dish, and They Might Be Giants. Now I want to talk about a few songs. There are tunes that are good and tunes that are awesome. Some that make you feel happy, others sad. Then there are songs that are so well written and sung that at they fill you full of emotions. Now for some reason the emotion filled songs are rarely the happy ones. They are normally the sad slow songs. Everyone has there favorites. So here is an entry about the ones I like and perhaps I will turn you on to some music you have not heard before. I’ve added links so you can go listen for yourself.

Stacey Earle – Just Another Day

Stacey Earle - Simple Gearle

Taken from the CD Simple Gearle, Just another day is a great example of what I’m talking about.  If you don’t know Stacey Earle you very well may know her brother Steve Earle who is also another on of my favorite artists. How can anyone not like Copperhead Road?  I first heard Stacey Earle’s folksy sounds at the Cambridge Folk Festival, England in 1999. unfortunately I wasn’t actually there, I watched it on T.V.  She performed Simple Gearle and my ears pricked up and my “I Like That” sensor went off, so the very next day I wandered off  to my local CD establishment to pick up a copy.  It is a mighty fine record but as it should be the best is saved for last. Just Another day has the feel of someone walking through a dream of someone elses reality. You get the sadness of someone who really wants something more out of life but just has to plod on.

Shawn Colvin – If I Were Brave

Shawn Colvin - A Few Small Repairs

Most people may know the songs Sunny Came Home and A Whole New You, two of Shawn’s better known hits. But sitting neatly in the middle of the album A Few Small Repairs is the track If I Were Brave.  When I tell people about this song, I tell them to listen to it a couple of times. I admit when I first heard it, I was not keen. And then I listened again, and again and noticed just how much emotion Shawn puts into it. Almost like every fiber of her being is left in each word. And then it all gets let out. the sigh between verses. It gets me every time.  Like all the problems in the world have just been let out.

Mark Knopfler – One More Matinee

Mark Knopfler - Sailing To Philadelphia

“Somethings gonna happen to make your whole life better,” the line from the song One More Matinee . This fantastic song is only available on the imported version of Sailing to Philadelphia, unless you live in England then hey, it’s a normal version. I bought this CD for the title track which is also a great song, but bar that and Speedway at Nazareth the album is disappointing until you get to One More Matinee. This tune lamenting the days of pantomime and guest houses may not seem a great subject for a song, but it is done so well.  I like to think that it’s about old actors who just survive in small stage productions and just wish that one day something big will happen, though time is running out as they age.

Nomos – Suile Shuibhne

Nomos - Set You Free

Some Irish music I like, some I can’t stand. Most reels annoy me. But occasionally I stumble upon something well worth listening to by accident. Just like the Stacey Earle track, one night I was watching a television show about Victorian Grave Sites, I know high-class entertainment, but as the credits rolled at the end the song I’m Going to Set You Free was playing. So as before I trotted off to the CD store to buy it. Not every track is a winner for me, but the pure champion track doesn’t have any lyrics at all. Suile Shuibhne or Sweeny’s eyes is an instrumental track that slow and deep. I imagine when listening to it, that I’m wandering through a quiet countryside taking in the scenery. I hate putting thoughts in people’s heads, you should make your own opinion on a song of this type. At least I’m not telling you about a Justin Whatshisface song.

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3 Responses to 52. Musical Interlude.

  1. Kenn says:

    Great songs.. I just purchased them all. Stacey Earle is AMAZING.

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