50. Movie Night.

Before I ramble on, lets just take note of the milestone here. The 50th entry on this blog, over 2000 hits now too. I guess I must be doing something right?

There are very few times when you get woken from a deep sleep and think “Cool.” There are plenty of things that you don’t want to wake up and see and hear.

1. A clown with a large knife

2. The word “Fire.”

3. A phone call where the person on the other end tells you that you are the father. Especially when your wife is laying next to you.

4. A man telling you that the jury has reached a verdict.

handmade logo by my Dad.

When woken up from a sound sleep, one can be grouchy and irritable. This is probably why I’m grouchy and irritable a lot. But one of the things I did always enjoy getting woken up for at night when I was young was when my Father had set up the cine projector and we got to watch the home movies. The old 8mm films were made before I was born in 1969.  But it was great to see my sisters growing up in the sixties. Plus being six or seven staying up late was great.


My mother and my sister Jackie age 2 days.

It was interesting to hear my parents talk about each memory that flashed on the screen, and the wondering of who some of the people were who were also on the film.  Being young at the time it was great to see my big sisters at an age when they were younger than me. My sister Jackie will always say she is younger than me anyway!

Most of the films were the family doing various family things, like my Mother hanging out laundry, or my sisters playing in the street. Remember this was the sixties, the automobile hadn’t been invented yet…right? The things I learned from these movies is that my sister Helen was always destined to be a Nurse, and my sister Jackie cries if she stays on a fairground train ride for too long.

Helen reading something interesting!

The family movies were great, but my Father also had a load of Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd and Laurel and Hardy movies that we would watch.

I think watching those movies are the reason I find it funny when people fall over. Actually I don’t think thats just me, everyone loves watching people fall over, thats why American Funniest Videos has been on the air forever.


My Father younger than I am now.

Of course times change. After my Father died we had no more movie nights. One day though My Mother had the family films put on to video. And then a few years ago my Nephew James put them on to DVD, and then today I popped that DVD in my computer and grabbed a few images to share with you.  It’s been nice having the movie night tonight. Even if I was on my own. Its been a long time since My sisters and I have sat and had a family night. Sometimes its hard living so far away.

Heres a couple more pics from the 60s to end with.

Helen on her tricycle.

My Mother

Granddad and Nanna Baker

Appologies to regular readers, this one started out well, then faded towards the end, will try harder next entry.

About davebakersoccer

I am a person who has always had too much time on their hands, and instead of creating a masterpiece or taking on the world, I have spent my time on nothing important at all.
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5 Responses to 50. Movie Night.

  1. kenberry475 says:

    Great memories Dave! This reminded me of the film projector I had received for my birthday when I was young. We didn’t have home movies to play on it, but I did own some Charlie Chaplin, a sixties Dracula movie, and “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea”

  2. Mark says:

    I’m pretty sure mum still has those films up in the loft somewhere

  3. Kenn says:

    Movie night… how fun! In my family, it was all about setting up the slide projector. Nothing like viewing photo negatives on a big screen about the interesting rock, or my Mom sitting on a bench… thrilling. I hated those nights actually.. I was bored to tears!

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