41. The Big Dish

This entry has nothing to do with food. Not too sure if I want to eat anything anyway as I just had a tooth pulled out today.

No what I am going to talk about is a period of time where I came across a band that it seemed no body else had ever heard of. I’m sure looking back that there were others out there who had heard of The Big Dish, but in 1987 I felt as if whenever I mentioned the band to anyone, the average response was “Who?”

I first heard the band on the BBC 2 show No Limits featuring the lovely Jenny Powell who is now the U.K.s version of Vanna White. The video for the song Christina’s World was being shown and I was instantly hooked on the sound. I rushed out the next day and bought the album Swimmer, which I played to death. In fact Swimmer is the only record I have bought three times! I bought a tape that I wore out listening to at work, The vynal record I played over and over and then finally the CD version.  Below is a video of the song Prospect Street, the version on the record is far better in my opinion.

The band consisted in those days of Steven Lindsay (vocals/guitar), Mark Ryce (guitar) and John Harper (keyboards) and the folksy pop sounds were a great change from all the Dance music that was being over-played. I always wanted to see them have a big hit, though for years it never arrived. When the second album Creeping Up On Jesus Came out I thought they would rocket to stardom, again in my opinion I think it is a far better record than Swimmer. To my surprise and probably the bands it sold pretty badly. Below is the song Faith Healer.

BIg Dish - Miss America (from the Album Satellites)

So many great songs on that record, I totally recommend it if you can find a copy. I love Swan Song, and Waiting For The Parade.  The big hit came when the record Satellites was released, Miss America charted and I think it made the top 40 in the U.K.  not the number one that the band deserved, but when you are up against throw away trash like Stock, Aitkin and Waterman turned out, what are you going to do.

The Big Dish have split up and re-joined and done a reunion tour. But alas I don’t think they will ever be the superstars that they could have been. There was a best of called Rich Mans Wardrobe that came out in 1994, think I may have to grab a copy of that myself!



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4 Responses to 41. The Big Dish

  1. batty says:

    Who ! Lol

  2. pennypup says:

    I’ve never heard of em. Sounds very late 80’s early 90’s to me.. am I right?

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