26. Merry Christmas

Welcome to this years Christmas blog entry. I want to thank everyone who has visited my corner of the internet and an even bigger thank you to everyone who left a comment.  This has been the most successful blog I have put together, for the two months I’ve been rambling about my past I’ve been blown away by the hits that I’ve been getting. Maybe it’s not as many as some other blogs, but for me its amazing! So once again a big thank you to all my readers.

from the Grinch. A story about The IRS.
Now lets talk about Christmas. For those who know me well this will be no surprise. I’m a Christmas Grinch. Not just a Grinch I’m also an Ebenezer Scrooge too. BAH HUMBUG!

I never used to be that way, when I was a child I loved Christmas, then as regular readers will know, some bad things started happening around December and it really put a downer on the whole thing.  Also when I worked retail I would be tortured with Christmas music for months leading up to the big day. I hate Christmas Music!  Actually I take that back, there are three Christmas songs I like.

The Pouges and Kirsty MacColl – fairytale of New York.

Kevin “Bloody Wilson” – Hey Santa Claus You C**T


and finally

Tim Pak – Detroit Christmas Blues (click the link to hear this great song on Tims Myspace page)
The Tim Pak song I first heard on 101.9fm Detroits NPR station. I rushed out to buy it for two reasons, one because I loved the tune and second because it was on a CD called Holiday Hootenanny which raised money for the Capuchin Soup Kitchen in Detroit.

So that tangent over with let’s get back to a time when I enjoyed Christmas.

I have no idea who this family is, but google popped the pic up and I'm using it.

Families around the globe do things different at Christmas. My Wife and kids do things different from how my family did things.  My Family normally have the tree up and all the presents and then everyone dives in. When I was growing up though my sisters and I would put our pillow cases at the end of the bed and Santa would come in while we were sleeping and fill them with presents. It was like magic.  Some years my pillow case would be too heavy for me to lift! Toys, books, chocolates. all the things a six, seven, eight year old would need. 

I tried that with my kids one year but the wife would rather have the prezzies under the tree. And to be honest just one year of staying up past midnight waiting for excited kids to fall asleep was enough for me, not sure how my Dad did it. I’m thinking alcohol was involved. 

paperchains and snowflakes

Today I can’t get excited about Christmas, the commercialism really gets me down, I’m thinking again the retail killed all my spirit I had left, and also I am not a religious man so the whole Birth of Christ thing is wasted on me too. But back then there was the whole build up, The advent callenders on the wall, opening the doors each day to see what christmas scene lay behind. Some years we got lucky and had callenders that had chocolate behind the doors, bonus! At school we would make paper-chains and snowflakes to hang on the walls and windows, we’d sing carols and the smart Alec ones of us would change the words to Jingle Bells.  Everyone would be bragging about what they were going to get on the big day, me I would have a few suggestions for my parents, but I would always be surprised by what I got. 

Christmas Eve I would always go to bed early, under the foolish idea that the sooner I went to bed the sooner I would wake up on Christmas morning.  This never seemed to work right because running in to my parents room at six AM screaming SANTAS BEEN did not seem to go down well. I was always told to go back to bed for an hour. An hour that lasted a year! I would get so excited laying there, I could swear that I could hear Santa’s Sleigh Bells and I’d even get goosebumps!

Santa was magic. He could get around the world in seconds and deliver presents to all the good boys and girls. I must have always been one great kid, I got lots of cool stuff. Though I think the year I got the train set that was all set up and ready to go I was starting to wise-up.  Santa’s Magic starting was starting to disappear, just like the movie the Polar Express, I couldn’t hear the bells anymore.

I’ve got to be honest, I prefer thanksgiving. It is just like Christmas, only without the presents. You get to eat lots and get to have the most important people with you. Your family.  As long as I have my family I have all the presents I need.

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