25. Manic Miner

O.K. for those of you not interested in computer games, this entry is not for you. If however you are about the same age as me, owned a 48k Spectrum, and know what the word playability means, then this is for you.

Manic Miner. 

Manic Miner - Software projects version

That is it, that’s all I have to write!

Oh alright, I’ll write some more!  Manic Miner was originally released by Bug Byte software, written by Mathew Smith the game was the first one on the spectrum to have in-game music (Hall of the Mountain King), its graphics were limited by the spectrums massive 48k memory.  It was a platform style game where you had to collect a certain amount of flashing objects before you could go to the next level.

As a lad I would play this game for hours, trying to complete all twenty levels. Getting oh so close, but not finishing.  Always was there something to ruin my game. Level five I still remember, Eugene’s Layer it was called, if your timing was off you were doomed. Miner Willy seemed never to complete his mission, and then the most wonderful thing happened, someone developed cheats!  or Pokes as they were called for the Spectrum.  You could add infinite lives, make the bad guys not kill you, or just breeze through each level without having to do much of anything.

the Vat, level six or seven if I remember right!

Manic Miner stopped me playing football, seeing my friends, I became a recluse. Until that day of triumph came along.  No not the day I completed the game, I’m talking about the day Jet Set Willy came out. The follow-up to Manic Miner.

This is going to be a short entry today. For those who understand, bless you. for those who don’t below is a link to one of my favorite sites, Retrospec. They remake classic spectrum games for the PC and they just happen to have a version of Manic Miner, and it is the best conversion I’ve ever seen, just like playing the original. So go play it, because that’s what I’m doing the moment I hit publish! 

Retrocpec version of Manic Miner - Enjoy

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