5. Top Trumps

Kids today think they are special with their Pokemon cards,Yu-Gi-Oh cards, Mystic warlords of Ka’ah cards. What they don’t know is us grown ups were playing with those types of cards in the Seventies.  And we didn’t need some hyped up cartoon to play the game.

Top Trumps could be about anything. And everybody had a favorite pack. I had several packs. Dragsters, Trains, European sports cars, motorbikes, football players pretty much anything Waddintons the manifacturer could think of.

The game was simple enough, each player got delt face down an equal amount of cards, and the you would play until one person had all the cards.

When it was your turn to play you selected on of the options on the card. Horsepower for example, and the card with the highest rating won.  The owners of the decks all knew what was the best card to get, that one card that could beat almost ever other card in the deck, the Japanese Bullet train kicked ass on speed!

You can still buy Top Trumps, not sure if the packs are that exciting. I mean who wants Harry Potter cards when you could have War Ships of the world? Still that golden age is there if you want to re-live it!

Published by David

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