1. Kevin Toms Football Manager

Once upon a time in a continent far far away. Lived a small boy who got a 48k spectrum computer and the world changed. Yes the 1k ZX81 was fantastic with its power to do nothing, but there did seek to be something special about spending four hours to type in a game which in the end consisted of a block trying to get through a bunch of other blocks.

The Spectrum was altogether different, for one it had what the zx81 didn’t, Colour! and two it had sound! And then there was the additional 47ks worth of memory. which is still almost 2,097,152kb less than my cell phones 2gig SD card.

I wanted to start with this game first though, Football Manager by Kevin Toms. This was the first game I was addicted to. I guess with a software label entitled Addictive I should have known better.

Footbal Manager by Kevin TomsJust thinking about hitting the play button on the cassette and listening to the high pitched scream of data brings the memories flowing back.  The game was simplicity itself. Pick a team (always Ipswich Town in my case) and take them from the fourth division to the first, none of your Premier League non-sense here, that was still around ten years off! You also could try and win the FA Cup, sign such great players as Kevin Keegan, Mick Mills and Peter Shilton just to name a few.

With the black and white stick figures doing very little on the field at all the anticipation of your team scoring a goal was incredible. Many a scream of “oh come on!” could be heard emanating from the cave that was my bedroom. Also a few “You have to be kidding me” when the other team would put in a late winner.  The constant rotation of same screens never got boring. Selecting players (damn 5 star player is injured again) see which team you are playing, (great we beat them on midfield and defense but the forwards suck) play the game. see the result for the game, and wait while the league table is being processed. And wait. Wait. Go to kitchen and steal a jam tart, wait. Ah there its, the league table, the do I want to buy Eric Gates option, and back to selecting players again. As I said simple, but yet hour after hour I sat doing this as my early teen years ticked by.

Play the game for yourself!

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